Lilly current day

Personality Edit

Lilly Mary Jackson is a 46 year old woman. Shes sweet and caring, and loves her family very much. Shes a friendly, outgoing person. 


Lilly has brown hair about to her lower back and green eyes.  She is always wearing the color blue (any shade of it really, but preferably dark blue. 

Early Life                                                                       Edit

Lilly and Mom

Lilly and her Mother

Full Name: LIlly Mary Jackson
Nickname: Lil.
Age: 46
Birthday: November 21
Height: 5'8
Gender: Female
Status: Alive


Father: Austin Bleur

Michelle Bleur

Siblings:  Rupert Josh Bleur

Rose-Mari Dermik.

Karu Mercury

Friends: N/A

Lilly was born in New Haven, CT on November 21.  She is the eldest of her parents children. (There are only 2 of them) Lilly is about six years older than her younger brother, Rupert. 

Lilly moved to Hartford as a high school student, where she attended the Beatles Academy. Their she met her husband, Drake Jackson.


Lilly and Drake Jackson got married and had two daughters.  Rose-Mari Dermik, and Karu Mercury.  They also have five grandchildren. Three from Karu, and two from Rose-Mari.

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