Rose-Mari a few months before her recent hair cut.


Rose-Mari Dermik (Rose-Mary Der Mick)  is a bubbly, sweet and friendly 27 year old girl.  She loves her family and friends very dearly, and is like her sister, bubbly, but not as giggly. Rose-Mari is a smart girl, and mature. Always knowing (usually) the right advise to give.


Rose-Mari (now) has short blonde hair to her collarbone/shoulders. She has a strip of purple through her bangs and at the edge of her hair. Her eyes are a dark green and she likes the colors purple and or hot Pink.

Early LifeEdit

Rose and Karu

Young Rose-Mari and sister, Karu.

Full Name: Rose-Mari Brianna Dermik
Nicknames: Rose, Rosy
Age: 27
Birthday November 23
Height: 5'7
Gender: Female
Status: Alive
Race: Human
Father: Drake Jackson
Mother: Lilly Jackson
Siblings: Karu Mercury

Pierre Dermik

Miah Dermik

Friends: N/A        

Rose-Mari was born in Hartford, Connecticut on November 23. Not much is known on Rose-Mari's past, other than her birth year along with the school she attended, The Beatles Academy~

She graduated, where she met her now husband, Danny. 


Soon after, Rose-Mari started seeing, got engaged and married Daniel Dermik. (Danny) 


Rose-Mari and Danny with their children Miah (7 mon.)and Pierre(3)

When Rose-Mari was 22 (five years ago)  She gave birth to Danny's son, Pierre. Three years later, she gives birth to Miah. (Me Ah ) Currently, they live in New Jeresy, where Rose-Mari is a model, and does a bit of cosplay on the side.

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